December 17, 2016

Tot School: Week 17 The Nutcracker

Week 17 of Tot School's theme was The Nutcracker Ballet.  Here are the activities we did throughout the week:

Day 1:  We watched the cartoon movie "The Nutcracker Prince" that I found on youtube.  This was a good version for Claire to sort of the learn the story of the Nutcracker.  After we watched the movie I had a few pre-writing practice ballerina worksheets for Claire and we focused on learning the letter B.
Day 2:  I surprised Claire with her very own tutu that I made for her.  I put on a recorded version of the actual Nutcracker Ballet performance and Claire danced around like all the ballerinas.  Then we later played a ballerina matching game and practiced making patterns with the different ballerina/ballet cards I made.
Day 3:  We read the book "Talulah and the Nutcracker", made the cutest ballerina tutu handprint painting, and made marshmallow ballerinas for snack time.
Day 5:  We made a fun Nutcracker craft.  Claire painted the paper plate while I cut out all of the shapes and then she helped me staple and glue everything on the plate once the paint was dry.  I also surprised Claire with her very own little Nutcracker ornament that she was so excited about.  She had to dress up in her tutu and wanted to watch the ballet again so she could dance like the ballerinas with  her nutcracker.  This was one of my favorite weeks we've done, it was so much fun!

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