April 3, 2017

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 45 Weeks

Peter at 45 weeks old.  Poor buddy snuck in the bathroom after I had unplugged the curling iron and left.  He yanked on the cord that was hanging down, pulled the curling iron off of the counter, and grabbed it with his little hand while it was still hot :(.  He got a bad second degree burn, but it should heal up fine in a few weeks.  He is a tough little cookie and hasn't let it slow him down a bit!

April 1, 2017

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 44 Weeks

Peter experiencing grass for the first time at 44 weeks old.  He hates it with every bit of his soul haha.

March 29, 2017

70 Degree Weather in March

A few pictures from a 70 degree weekend we had in March!  We got a little excited for Summer :).  

February 3, 2017

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 36 Weeks Old

Peter Bryson at 36 weeks old, coerced into playing dress up with his big sister :).

January 27, 2017

Peter Bryson Month by Month: 8 Months

January 27, 2017

Dear Peter,

You turned 8 months old today. You started saying "Mamama" this month!  Not on purpose, but another unintentional word like "Dada".  Although, you usually only say it when you are crying and whining.  You say "Dadada"  when you are happy and excited.  Your dad finds this hilarious,  I don't think its quite as funny as he does.  

We fed you a graham cracker for the first time this month and you were in heaven.  You made a huge mess and got mushy crackers everywhere, but your happy squeals and smiles made it worth it. 

You are getting a little bit closer to crawling, sort of.  You will crawl out from a sitting position to try to grab things and then you just kind of sprawl out on your belly instead of holding yourself up.  You still don't have teeth but your bottom two are getting really close. They've been pretty swollen and you've been very fussy and sleeping horribly so we are crossing our fingers they cut through soon.

You got your first bad cold and cough this past month.  You have been wheezing since you were very little and recently got diagnosed with asthma.  Since you already have asthma any time you get a cold or cough its pretty hard on your respiratory system.  We have to give you breathing treatments twice a day, which you hate!  But the good thing is they are helping a ton.

Your love when your sister Claire plays with you.  You get so excited and whenever she comes into the room.  you love when she plays peekaboo with you and when she tickles you.  You also like to try to steal her water bottle and snacks whenever they are in close proximity to you.

We all love having you in our family.  You are such a happy, sweet boy!  

Love you too much,


Peter Bryson Week by Week: 35 Weeks

Cutest little blue eyed boy at 35 weeks old. 

January 26, 2017

Cute Little Castle Builders

I snapped a few shots of Claire sharing her new castle blocks she got for her birthday with Peter.  I love these two, they are the cutest!

January 21, 2017

Claire's 3rd Birthday Party

We threw Claire a Sofia the First Birthday Party this year.  She was in heaven and thought it was so much fun!
We didn't do anything too fancy, I just made cupcakes and a castle cake and had Claire's grandparents over for cake and ice cream.  So the cake could probably be classified as a pinterest fail.  I stayed up till about 1 am the night before making it and my tiers to make it look like an actual castle all collapsed and crumbled...so I did the best with what I had left haha!  She still loved it, even though she told me it was kind of small for a castle. :)

Claire's Grandma and Grandpa Mecham gave her a Sofia the first dvd, a new shirt, and the book "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots."
We gave Claire her new birthday dress she's wearing, a Sofia the First Book, castle blocks, A Sofia the First stuffed doll, and a doll stroller.  Her Grandma & Grandpa Leishman gave her a castle tent (pictured at the end of the post).
Claire loved when we sang her Happy Birthday.  She was smiling so big the whole time, it was the cutest thing ever!
Claire playing in her new tent with Nana.
Claire with all her new birthday gifts!