December 12, 2016

Tot School: Week 14 Thanksgiving

For week 14 of Tot School our theme was Thanksgiving, since it fell on the week of Thanksgiving obviously :).

Day 1: We did some Thanksgiving dot paintings and then did an activity where Claire poked feathers in the holes of a colander to make a sort of Turkey!  This was a really fun activity for her and she especially loved how it turned out at the end.

Day 2:  I printed off another prewriting practice sheet and laminated it for her.  She loves these!  She's getting really good at them too.  I made her a Turkey playdoh mat that we added play doh feathers to.  I also printed her off some Indian and pilgrim puzzles that she thought were pretty fun!  I did have to help her a little bit with those.  We only did 2 days this week because it was a holiday week and crazy busy for us!

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