December 27, 2016

Peter Bryson Month by Month: 7 Months

December 27, 2016

Dear Peter,

Today you turned 7 months old.  You just celebrated your first Christmas two days ago.  For Christmas you got a new car seat, a stuffed puppy, a walking/push toy, a wooden fishing toy, trucks, a new outfit, and books.  You may have been more fascinated with the wrapping paper and boxes, but I think you were still happy with your gifts.  

You are at such a fun age.  You are starting to get more mobile, still not close to crawling but you roll all over the place.  I'll set you down on one end of the room and leave to go do something and then when I come back you will have rolled all the way across the room and are usually stuck by the wall.

You are eating solids still pretty reluctantly.  You're not really a fan of baby food, but you still don't have any teeth so your choices are pretty limited.  You used to sleep pretty good but lately you have been waking up several times a night.  Hopefully its just teething or a phase that you will grow out of quickly.

Your first (unintentional) word is "Dada".  You say dadada all the time.  Your dad is pretty pleased with himself since both yours and your sister's first words were both "Dada."  Even though that is your first, unintentional, word you are still very much a mommy's boy.  You have recently starting fussing and crying a little if I give you to someone else for a minute.  You keep your eyes on my like a hawk and start crying whenever I leave the room.  I do love all of the smiles and snuggles you give me whenever I come back though.

I can't believe another month has come and gone already.  You will be a year old before I know it!

Love you too much,


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