December 14, 2016

Ogden 25th Street Christmas Village

We went to see the Christmas lights and Christmas Village on 25th street for family home evening the second week of December.  Claire loved looking in all the little houses and seeing the lights everywhere.
No tears this year, both kids loved him! We have been watching & reading all our Christmas movies & books and Claire has been loving everything about Christmas and Santa. We knew she loved the idea of him, but we were curious of what she'd think of him in person this year. She ran right up to him, jumped up on his lap, and told him she wanted a pink bike for Christmas! He told her he could probably do that if she was good, gave her a candy cane, and sent us on our way. On our drive home after a few minutes a very distraught Claire cried from the backseat, "Hey! He forgot to give me my pink bike!" Bryce and I looked at each other and busted up laughing. All month long we've been telling her she would get to ask Santa for something for Christmas, and we suggested a pink bike. So this whole time our poor little almost three year old who's still figuring out the whole Christmas thing genuinely thought he was going to give her her pink bike when she saw him. It was so cute we couldn't help but laugh. Luckily she started laughing with us, and we explained that he would bring it to our house on Christmas day. She was satisfied with that and said, "Okay that's a good idea!" 

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