December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016

Here is our huge Christmas post!  There's lots of photos, but there was too much to document with our two kiddos.  I don't want to forget anything!  I don't think anyone even really reads this anymore so its mostly for journaling.  I'll post as many photos as I want, even if its overkill haha :).

Claire was so funny on Christmas morning.  We woke up before her and we were waiting for her so we could see her reaction.  She ran out into the living room looked at her pile of gifts, and the first thing she grabbed was her new cup that was in her stocking.  She excitedly shouted, "Look!  Santa brought me a Christmas cup!" Hahahaha, never mind the new bike and all of her wrapped gifts waiting to be opened.  She was just excited to get a new cup. :)
Claire checking out her new bike.  
Opening her stocking surprises.
Showing Peter his new puppy!
Claire wearing her cute new purse she found in her stocking.
Showing Peter his little fishing set from Claire.
Claire & I helping Peter open his presents.
Rory with her new Santa toy.
Practicing riding her new bike.  Her legs are still a little short for it and she was pretty timid riding it at first, but she kept getting better with practice!
Claire opening her make-up set from Peter.
Claire loved the helmet she got to go with her bike!
Bryce helping the kids open their gift from Rory, an old fashioned Fisher Price record player.
Claire dancing to the new records.
Claire with her gifts!
Bryce with his Christmas gifts (let's not talk about his hair that was in dire need of being cut).  His want: Kreg Jig J4, wear: new pajamas, need: clamps, read: Ready Player One.  He got treats in his stocking and Claire picked out a new tie to surprise him with.
Me with my Christmas gifts.  Want: Hunter boots (I was sooo excited for these.  I've wanted them forever!) wear: new pajamas, need: new slippers, read: Illustrated Harry Potter.  My stocking stuffers were treats, peppermint lotion, and Bryce surprised me with the book A Dog's Purpose.  I had read it earlier in the year and told him how much I liked it, so he bought for us to read together!
A few pictures of the kids with their gifts (in much better lighting after the sun came up haha!)  Peter's want: walking push cart toy, wear: outfit he has on, need: carseat (not pictured), read: Beyond the Pond.  He also got a stuffed puppy, wooden toy car, puzzle, board book, & gerber puffs in his stocking.  Claire gave him a wooden fishing toy that he already loves (mostly to chew on, but still).
Claire with her Christmas gifts.  Her want: pink bike, wear: outfit she has on, need: helmet, read: The Most Magnificent Thing.  She also got a new cup, bows, princess puzzle & lacing cards, purse, and treats in her stocking.  Peter gave her a wooden make up set that was one of her favorite gifts!
A few family pictures of everyone in their Christmas jammies.  It was such a fun day.  I love Christmas so much, especially getting to be a parent on Christmas.  It was such a special day.  I can't wait for next year!

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