November 1, 2016

Tot School Week 10: Feelings & Emotions

Our theme for Week 10 of Tot School was Feelings & Emotions.  It was a crazy busy week for our family (I had 3 photoshoots, hosted my bookclub, & presidency meeting at my house one morning) so we only did 3 days this week.

The two books we focused on this week were The Pout Pout Fish & Emma an emotions primer.

Day 1- We watched this feelings video on youtube, read Emma, practiced making different emotion faces with playdoh, and then did a feelings matching game (my printer was almost out of ink so that's why the faces are kind of stripes :).
Day 2- We read The Pout Pout fish, painted two paper plates to make into a pout pout fish, and danced and played with bubbles while pretending we were in the ocean and meeting all of pout pout fish's friends.
Day 3- We played a pumpkin emotion matching game and then I drew different faces on orange cups and had Claire glue green tissue paper on them to make them into pumpkins.  Then we used them to sing this 5 little pumpkins song on youtube.  It was a short & simple week but still fun!

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