November 1, 2016

Fall Family Pictures 2016

I had a photoshoot with a client a few weeks and she found the most gorgeous location to use.  I loved it so much I had to go back and do my own family pictures there.  I set up my tripod and took the pictures with a remote/self timer while my in-laws stood behind the camera trying to get both kids to look and smile at the same time, which was like pulling teeth.  At first I was frustrated I wasn't getting any of the pictures to turn out how I pictured in my head, but then I thought about how I will love looking back on this and remember Bryce's hair was messy from carrying Claire on his shoulders, Claire's extra cheesy grin was the only way she would smile, and Peter wouldn't stop ticking out his tongue.  This stage of life will pass by too quickly so I'm happy to have an imperfectly perfect picture to remember it by. 

I edited Rory out of the original one because I felt like it looked funny since she blended in with the grass so much but I included one with Rory for the blog :).
One of the few that actually turned out how I wanted :).
They have the best daddy.
Cutest little stinkers.
I love this mom life.
My attempts at getting a few cute ones of Claire, she would not hold still or smile normal at me so this is the best we got haha!

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