November 30, 2016

Christmas Tree 2016

Per tradition, we bought a Christmas Tree on Black Friday.  Claire loved decorating it this year.  She kept saying, "Wow!  Beautiful!".  She is so much fun during all of the holidays this year!

November 28, 2016

Peter Bryson Month by Month: 6 Months

November 27, 2016

Dear Peter,

Happy 1/2 birthday little boy!  Today you turned 6 months old.  I can't even believe you've been in our family for that long already.  Its been such a wonderful 6 months.  We love the space you've filled in our family.  

At six months old you weigh 21 pounds 12 ounces (93rd percentile) and you are 28 inches long (91st percentile).  You are still super chubby but you've finally slowed down a bit (you've only gained about a pound and a half since you were 4 months old), which is nice so we can keep up with you on buying clothes now haha!  
You roll around a lot but you are not even close to crawling or scooting.  You are not a big fan of tummy time and always roll over as soon as we put you on your tummy.  You love to be held and are almost always happy and content if someone is holding you.  You are super smiley and giggly, especially for your big sister Claire.  She can always get the biggest smiles and laughs out of you.
We've started you on solids a little and you aren't too impressed with them so far.  You tolerate a few bites at the most and then you refuse to open your mouth unless we trick you into smiling.  So far we've tried feeding you prunes, oatmeal, and peaches.  We're hoping we'll eventually find something you actually like.
You sleep pretty good, you usually only wake up once a night.  Ideally on a good day you take 3 naps, one long in the morning, one long one in the afternoon, and then a short one in the evening.  You don't always take the third one it just depends on the day, but you're much happier when you stick to your schedule!
You still have bright blue eyes, so I think its safe to say they are here to stay.  I never thought I'd get a blue eyed baby so I am in love with your eyes.  They are pretty dang cute!  I love to kiss your chubby cheeks and snuggle (when you let me, which isn't very often).  I can't wait to watch keep growing over the next 6 months but I do hope time will slow down just a little.

Love you too much,


November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from our little family!  We went to my Grandma & Grandpa Mecham's for Thanksgiving this year.  It was a really fun day.  We ate lots of yummy food, the boys shot clay pigeons after we ate, and the girls made a few Christmas crafts.  Our kiddos were worn out after a long day so we put them to bed early and Bryce and I watched a Christmas movie to kick of official start of the Christmas season.

November 21, 2016

Tot School Week 12: Animals

Both of my kids and I all ended up with colds the week after Halloween.  No one was feeling good so we took that week off of tot school.  We did week 12 with the theme Animals the second week of November.  Here are the activities we did throughout the week:

Day 1:  I bought this cute little Little People Noah's Ark set for Peter since he's getting close to sitting up and can hold things in his hands.  It was also perfect to use for our Animal theme of Tot School.  We watched a Noah's Ark video on youtube and then I set up a water sensory bin for her to wash the animals and just play in the water.  This was her favorite.  She ended up climbing right into the bin of water towards the end and thought it was so much fun!

Day 2: I had Claire sort a few animals from tallest to shortest and then I mixed them again and had her sort them from shortest to tallest.  I had to help her a bit but she did pretty good once she got the idea!  Then I had her draw a line matching the cartoon animal to the real animal picture.  I also had her match up the animal toys we had to the ones on the worksheet.  We also made a bunch of animal handprint paintings, which is always a favorite activity of Claire's.
Day 3:  We learned about forest animals.  Claire did a few dot painting worksheets and we learned about the letter F.  I printed off some forest animals for her to color but she wanted to keep doing dot paints so I let her just dot paint those too.  We also played a forest animal matching game!
Day 4:  I found this awesome Animal matching game at Target in the dollar aisle.  You can play a few different versions of it, on this day I had Claire match the animals to where they live.  I did it with her once and then she was able to do it again all by herself.  Then we sang Old MacDonald had a farm and I had her hold up which animal TP roll she wanted to sing about.  After we sang we used the animal TP rolls to play Farm Animal bowling, which Claire loved!
Day 5:  We recently completed our Flora book collection, they are Claire's absolute favorite books.  I found Flora and the Peacock used on Amazon for $4 so I saved it to use in our animal unit of tot school.  We read the book (several times) then we made a peacock hand print painting!  

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 23 Weeks

Little Peter Pan at 23 weeks old.

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 22 Weeks

Peter at 22 weeks.  Practicing sitting up like a big boy and breaking my heart a little.