October 22, 2016

Tot School: Week 9 Opposites

For week 9 of Tot School we learned about opposites.  This has been a super busy month so I was only able to plan 4 days this week.  Here are the activities we did:
Day 1- First we watched this opposite song on Youtube.  We made red and green stop and go signs.  I made the signs but had Claire glue colored pom poms onto them and then we used them to play the game red light green light, which she loved!  Then we made a dirty and clean hands craft.  First I traced Claire's hands on card stock, cut them out, and glued them on a white piece of paper.  Then I had Claire color one pair of hands with brown and gray markers to make them dirty and the other pair of hands with blue and green dot paint markers to be like soap bubbles to make them clean.

Day 2- We learned about the difference between hot and cold by playing with hot and cold water and mixing it together.  Next we learned about in & out by climbing in and out of a clothes basket, over &  under by climbing over and under on ottoman, and up & down by going up and down the slide.  Then she put all of her stuffed animals down the slide for the next hour, it was a fun activity that kept her busy :).
Day 3- We learned about empty and full by making an empty & full thumbprint gumball machine.  Next we learned about big & small by sorting big and small butterflies into separate containers.  We learned about salty & sweet during snack time with goldfish and fruit snacks.
Day 4- We learned about long & short by making a dachshund puppy craft the grows long and shrinks short.  We also learned about day & night and Claire painted a cookie cutter stamp painting of the night sky and a finger painting of the sun and daytime sky.

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