October 14, 2016

Tot School: Week 8 Fall/Autumn

For week 8 of Tot School our theme was Fall/Autumn.  Here are the activities we did throughout the week:

Day 1- We made an apple stamp pumpkin painting, did some prewriting practice with some pumpkin vine printables I stuck in a sheet protector so Claire could write on them with a dry erase marker, and we made pumpkin cloud dough!
Day 2- Claire did some fall dot paintings in the morning, on our walk we collected leaves and then made some leaf art.  We made an apple stamp fall tree painting and lastly made caramel apple slices.
Day 3- I printed off a simple fall puzzle for Claire to put together, I also printed a few shape worksheets that I stuck in a sheet protector for Claire to practice drawing her shapes.  Claire wanted to find leaves again on our walk so we did a Fall scavenger hunt and collected a bunch of fall items and made a nature collage.  We also watched this Autumn Leaves are Falling Down song on youtube.
Day 4- We painted 5 cardboard TP rolls in fall colors to use later in a few "5 little leaves Rhymes".  We did a large, medium, and small leaf sort that Claire loved.  She always loves sorting things!  After our painted TP rolls were dry we glued a leaf on each of them and used to do 5 Little Leaves rhymes found here.
Day 5- We made knuckle pumpkin patch patch painting.  We played a pumpkin letter match game.  i wrote 5 different letters (some that Claire knows) on pumpkins and had Claire jump on the letter I called out.  We also made some pumpkin spice chex mix for movie night (recipe here) that was super yummy! There were a few other activities I wanted to do that we weren't able to fit in but I think we will do them during our Halloween week instead!  

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