October 5, 2016

Tot School Week 7: Bodies

For Week 7 of Tot School we learned about bodies and how they move.  Here are our activities from the week:

Day 1- We learned about the letter B.  I printed off pictures of body parts and had Claire glue them on the letter B while we talked about what each part was and what it did.  I also printed off a worksheet of different body parts with their names and put it in a sheet protector and had Claire practice tracing the letters.  We played a matching game with her white board and letter magnets.  I'd have claire find all of the Bs out of the letters I put up.
Day 2- I printed off a body part matching game for Claire.  I told her what the body parts were and talked about what they did (in toddler terms) but I didn't really expect her to remember much from this part :).  Next I had her color a picture of herself and watch this video about bodies on youtube.  Her self portrait turned out quite darling, apparently she is wearing a red dress!

Day 3- We focused on our mouths and teeth.  I drew a tooth on a yellow piece of construction paper and had Claire "brush" it with white paint to get it all clean.  Next I taught Claire about flossing and had her practice flossing playdoh out of an upside down ice cube tray.  For a snack we made a mouth with apple slices, peanut butter, and marshmallows!
Day 4: We learned about how our bodies move.  I had Claire do a painting with her feet.  This was such a fun activity, she loved it.  I love how her painting turned out.  We are going to save it and use it for wrapping paper!  Next we sang the hokey pokey a few times putting our body parts in and out of a circle out of string on the ground (not pictured).  I made a toddler tight rope with a piece of tape on the ground and had Claire practice balancing, walking, and running on the line.  I also made a line of pillows and had Claire jump from pillow to pillow, which turned into her just running on them :).
Day 5- I printed off a a blank face and put in a sheet protector and had Clair make a face on it with playdoh.  I printed off a picture of a girl split into sections (head, shoulders, knees, and toes) had Claire color it and then we sang the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" while holding up the corresponding picture.  We also learned this little rhyme about loving our bodies that we did while making up actions.

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