October 28, 2016

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 5 months

October 28,

Dear Peter,

Today you turned 5 months old!  You are the cutest, chubbiest little thing.  And you hear that all the time from everyone :).  The days are flying by, I don't know its quite for them to pass by so quickly.
Your biggest accomplishment this month was that you FINALLY learned to roll over from your tummy to your back.  It took you a little while to figure out to maneuver all that chub but you finally did it.  And now that you know how you won't stop and you refuse to stay on your tummy anymore.

We officially moved you into your crib, so you are now sharing a room with your sister!  You were taking most of your naps in there but we had you sleeping in a pack n play outside our room in the living room at night.  The transition went much smoother than I expected it too.  I was worried your sister Claire would wake up every time you did, but so far so good!  She loves that you sleep in the same room with her and it has made bed time a little easier for both of you I think.
We are getting ready for my favorite holiday, Halloween, which is in just a few days.  We are dressing you up as Peter Pan.  How could we not when your nickname is 'Peter Pan'? Your dad will be Captain Hook, Rory will be Smee, I will be dressing up as Wendy, and your sister is going to be Tinkerbell.  I think we are going to make quite the ensemble.  We are hoping to start you on solids next month and we are hoping it will help with some of your tummy troubles, our fingers are crossed!

Happy 5 months little boy!

Love you too much,


October 24, 2016

Claire's First Date

This past week I hosted my bookclub at my house so Bryce took Claire on her first date.  He picked her up at the door with flowers and took her to get a happy meal and see the movie storks.  She was so excited, it was beyond adorable!  It was pretty sweet to watch them leave together on their date.  I'm so lucky my kids have such a sweet dad, he really is the very best!

Disney Store Trip

Last Tuesday we took a little trip to City Creek to get Claire's Halloween costume at the Disney Store.  Typically I make all our costumes but I added up the cost of everything I needed for Claire's and it would've cost me almost the same amount to make it so I decided to save myself the hassle this year and buy hers :).    
It was a really quick trip so we didn't do any other shopping than at the Disney Store.  Claire had a blast playing in the castle and looking at all the princess toys and costumes.  We let her pick out one toy and she chose this cute stuffed Anna doll.  She is now obsessed with it and won't let it out of her sight.  I just need to finish making mine and Bryce's costumes which should be pretty easy, and then we'll be all ready for Halloween! 

October 22, 2016

A case of the Mondays

We had a severe case of the Mondays this past week so it called for spending the entire day in our pajamas and lots of snuggling in mom's bed.

Tot School: Week 9 Opposites

For week 9 of Tot School we learned about opposites.  This has been a super busy month so I was only able to plan 4 days this week.  Here are the activities we did:
Day 1- First we watched this opposite song on Youtube.  We made red and green stop and go signs.  I made the signs but had Claire glue colored pom poms onto them and then we used them to play the game red light green light, which she loved!  Then we made a dirty and clean hands craft.  First I traced Claire's hands on card stock, cut them out, and glued them on a white piece of paper.  Then I had Claire color one pair of hands with brown and gray markers to make them dirty and the other pair of hands with blue and green dot paint markers to be like soap bubbles to make them clean.

Day 2- We learned about the difference between hot and cold by playing with hot and cold water and mixing it together.  Next we learned about in & out by climbing in and out of a clothes basket, over &  under by climbing over and under on ottoman, and up & down by going up and down the slide.  Then she put all of her stuffed animals down the slide for the next hour, it was a fun activity that kept her busy :).
Day 3- We learned about empty and full by making an empty & full thumbprint gumball machine.  Next we learned about big & small by sorting big and small butterflies into separate containers.  We learned about salty & sweet during snack time with goldfish and fruit snacks.
Day 4- We learned about long & short by making a dachshund puppy craft the grows long and shrinks short.  We also learned about day & night and Claire painted a cookie cutter stamp painting of the night sky and a finger painting of the sun and daytime sky.

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 19 Weeks

Peter Bryson 19 weeks old.

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 18 Weeks

Cute little Peter at 18 weeks old.