September 19, 2016

Tot School: Week 5 Patterns

We learned all about patterns for Week 5 of tot school.  Here are the activities we did during the week:

Day 1: We painted our fingernails and did nail polish patterns.  I painted Claire's and she painted mine :).  We did a whale pattern matching game and we also went to the library and picked up a few pattern books to use throughout the week. 
Day 2: We made patterns with princesses and blocks.  Claire really liked this activity.  She would place the princesses and then tell me to place the blocks.  We did this for a good half hour!  I made claire some pom pom pattern matching activity and we watched a Pattern Song on Youtube and a Stand up Sit Down song on Youtube.
Day 3: We made a toe print pattern caterpillar.  For snack time I had Claire make patterns with her goldfish and animal crackers.  We colored popsicle sticks and I printed off a bunch of popsicle stick patterns I found here for Claire to match and practice making patterns with.
Day 4: We made a cup pattern painting.  We practiced making patterns with shapes, and we made skittle patterns using flashcards found here

Day 5: We made patterns with stamps, and Claire just kind of did some stamping all over her page but she had lots of fun with this one. I printed off this sheet and we made patterns with play doh balls.  Later we used the same sheet from the play doh patterns and did dot paint patterns but I forgot to take a picture of this one.  It was another really fun week.  When we first started the week I definitely had to help Claire more because she didn't understand what patterns were but towards the end she was doing a lot more of it on her own.  I love watching her learn from all the activities we do each week.  It makes it just as much fun for me!

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