September 8, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We had such a great Labor Day Weekend.  Bryce actually had the holiday off, which he usually doesn't, so we were so excited to have him home with us. We went to a pirate party at the Treehouse Museum in the morning on Labor Day.  I rummaged through Claire's closet and managed to put her together a decent last-minute pirate costume.  She loved it.

Bryce taught her to say "Arr, Mateys" and she kept doing all morning.  It was hilarious.
After the Treehouse Museum we picked up take out from Costa Vida, went home and ate, and then put our kids down for naps.  Bryce and I worked on a few projects while the kids were sleeping and later that evening I set up dinner outside for us on the porch.  The weather was so nice!  It made even more excited for Fall than I already am.
Claire thought this was the most awesome part of the weekend.  She loved getting to eat outside (& run and play in between bites).  
Happy little Peter hanging out in his car seat, watching us eat!
Best buddies.
Peter and I watched Bryce, Rory, and Claire play around the yard and I ended the weekend the very best way snuggled up to my baby.  I wish all weekends were 3 day weekends!  

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