September 29, 2016

Peter Bryson Month by Month: 4 Months

September 27

Dear Peter,

Today you are 4 months old.  I took you to your 4 month appointment and you weigh 20 pounds.  You are still super chubby but you are slowing down in growth so that now you are following the curve instead of shooting to the top of it.  All of the nurses couldn't stop smiling and giggling at all your cute rolls.   

You are a very happy and content baby.  You love to be held but you like to look around more than you like to snuggle.  You are super ticklish and I can always get you to giggle, which I love!  You have to sweetest smile that fills up your whole face.  You are always so happy to see me when I come get you out of your pack n play or crib.
You love tummy time and would lay on your tummy all day long, however since you love it so much you have yet to roll over.  Your doctor laughed at this and said your just content but as long as you are holding up your head and developing your other muscles during tummy time you'll be fine.  
You have the prettiest blue eyes that people always comment on.  I'm thinking they are here to stay or at the very least they may fade to green like your dad's.  You have been sleeping through night pretty well only waking up once around 4 or 5 so we are planning on moving you to your crib at night and you will be sharing a room with your big sister Claire.  Our fingers are crossed that the transition will go relatively smoothly for both of you.

Love you too much sweet boy,


September 26, 2016

Tot School Week 6: Bugs & Insects

We learned about bugs & insects for week 6 of tot school.  Here are the activities we did throughout the week:

Day 1- I decided to focus on different bugs each day.  We started out with Claire's favorite: butterflies!  I made her a butterfly sensory bin using black aquarium gravel and different colored plastic butterflies I found on amazon.  It was really simple, I didn't have her sort or match she just played and used her imagination.  She loved it!  For breakfast I made her butterfly toast with nectarines and had her use the nectarines to decorate the butterfly before she ate it.  We also made tie-dye butterflies using baby wipes that I had Claire color with markers.  For snack time I made her a butterfly grape bag.  And our last activity, which was my favorite, was making a butterfly sensory jar.  We use these jars for time out/calm down jars and they help so much.  This one was made using a plastic Voss water bottle, 1/2 cup of water, a few shakes of glitter, acrylic butterfly beads found on amazon, and then filled to the top with liquid hand soap.  I love how it turned out!
Day 2- We focused on bees.  We sang I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee (several times).  Claire loves learning songs and insists we sing them until she has the whole thing memorized.  We made a bubblewrap beehive painting with fingerprint bees.  I added the outlines with a sharpie after the paint dried.  I printed off a bumble bee dot paint worksheet but didn't get a picture of it.  We also made a paper plate bumble bee craft.  I glued on the stripes and had Claire glue on all of the yellow squares.  I added the head after the glue dried and had Claire add the eyes.
Day 3- We learned about caterpillars.  We made a Fruit Loop Caterpillar in the morning using a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and fruit loops.  We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made a handprint caterpillar painting.  I also helped Claire make an egg carton caterpillar.  She painted it and I added the eyes and antennas once it dried.
Day 4- We focused on ladybugs.  I printed off a ladybug dot painting worksheet for Claire to do.  These are so simple but she loves them.  We made a ladybug footprint painting.  We practiced counting the spots on ladybug cards I printed off.  And last we did a ladybug obstacle course outside.

Day 5- We learned about spiders and ants.  We started out with a bug matching game that included all the bugs we learned that week.  We made a spider handprint painting and an ant toilet paper roll craft.  After Claire's spider and ant dried we used them to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and The Ants Go Marching.  We also used the book Some Bugs and read it several times throughout the week to learn about even more bugs we didn't cover. 

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 16 Weeks

Just when you thought he couldn't get any chubbier, add a hat.

Peter Bryson at 16 weeks.

September 19, 2016

Tot School: Week 5 Patterns

We learned all about patterns for Week 5 of tot school.  Here are the activities we did during the week:

Day 1: We painted our fingernails and did nail polish patterns.  I painted Claire's and she painted mine :).  We did a whale pattern matching game and we also went to the library and picked up a few pattern books to use throughout the week. 
Day 2: We made patterns with princesses and blocks.  Claire really liked this activity.  She would place the princesses and then tell me to place the blocks.  We did this for a good half hour!  I made claire some pom pom pattern matching activity and we watched a Pattern Song on Youtube and a Stand up Sit Down song on Youtube.
Day 3: We made a toe print pattern caterpillar.  For snack time I had Claire make patterns with her goldfish and animal crackers.  We colored popsicle sticks and I printed off a bunch of popsicle stick patterns I found here for Claire to match and practice making patterns with.
Day 4: We made a cup pattern painting.  We practiced making patterns with shapes, and we made skittle patterns using flashcards found here

Day 5: We made patterns with stamps, and Claire just kind of did some stamping all over her page but she had lots of fun with this one. I printed off this sheet and we made patterns with play doh balls.  Later we used the same sheet from the play doh patterns and did dot paint patterns but I forgot to take a picture of this one.  It was another really fun week.  When we first started the week I definitely had to help Claire more because she didn't understand what patterns were but towards the end she was doing a lot more of it on her own.  I love watching her learn from all the activities we do each week.  It makes it just as much fun for me!