August 28, 2016

Tot School Week 2: Color

For week 2 of Tot School I chose Color for the theme.  We did so many fun activities!  Most of them are relatively short since we do them during Peter's naps but they are perfect for toddler attention spans.  Here is a little recap of the week:
Day 1: We made rainbow toast by mixing butter with gel food coloring.  You can see from her face that she ate a spoonful of blue butter when I wasn't looking haha.  We also did water bead color sorting/sensory bin, and we fruit loop necklaces, a toddler classic.
Day 2: I printed off a picture of a rainbow and we each painted one.  I tried showing her how to do each stripe a different color but she was having to much fun doing her own thing.  We took a trip to the library to pick up 'Color' books to read throughout the week.  Lastly, we made bath paints out of shaving cream + food coloring.  Claire loves bath time anyway so this was a big hit with her.  She loved painting the walls and seeing the water change colors.

Day 3: We did rainbow Goldfish sorting, which was fun but Claire mostly wanted to eat the fish and I had to coax her to keep going.  I made Claire a rainbow ribbon ring by rounding up scraps in my fabric bin and we went outside and did a rainbow ribbon run.  We also made a rainbow hand print painting, which is in the last picture, and then I let her do some finger painting.  She loved doing the hand print painting.  I think it was one of her favorite activities from the whole week!

Day 4: I printed off a dot sheet and had Claire make a rainbow dot painting.  I made her a paint chip matching game.  I originally made one where you match the different shades on each paint chip but it was too advanced for Claire at this age so I figured out a way to simplify it and only have her match one of each color instead of several.  We also made apple yogurt donuts (apple slices with colored yogurt + sprinkles).  We waited and made these when Bryce was home from work and ate them as our treat for movie night.
Day 5: We did pom-pom color sorting, a Skittle experiment where you form a circle of skittles on a plate and pour water in the middle, and vacuum the rainbow!  

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