August 28, 2016

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 3 Months

August 27

Dear Peter,

Today you are 3 months old.  You are a whopping 18 pounds.  You have the cutest chubby cheeks and thighs.  I don't know why, but chubby rolls are the cutest on babies!  You are sleeping like a champ, usually 8-9 hours at night only waking up to eat once.  You still eat quite often during the day, usually every 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  But I have no complaints as I would rather have you eating often during the day than waking up a lot at night.  

You have started smiling and cooing all the time.  You always save your biggest smiles for mama, and I won't lie, I love it.  You especially love when I sing to you and your little smile fills your whole face.  Your dad and sister can get some good smiles out of you too.  Claire loves talking to you and trying all sorts of ways to get you to smile.   
You are such a sweet mellow boy.  You love to be held and cuddled but you are also pretty content to just lay on a blanket and watch your surroundings.  You are starting to stay awake longer and its been fun for us to interact with you more.  
Your favorite friend besides mom, dad, and Claire is the ceiling fan.  You seriously love it and get so excited when we lay you on our bed and you get to watch it.  You smile, coo, and kick your legs until you wear yourself out.  
We still love to call you our little Peter Pan, that's the nickname that seems to be sticking the most.  I don't think we have a choice but to dress you and Claire up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween next month.  I've started planning out your costumes and I'm so excited to see how they turn out.  Hopefully you don't grow too much by then so your costume will fit!

Love you too much sweet boy,


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