July 6, 2016

Summer Days

Summer is flying by!  We haven't gone on many outings with a newborn in tow, so most of our days look like this.  Trying to keep one kid happy who wants to be held all day long, trying to keep the other kid happy with a steady stream of princess dialogue, while trying to sneak in some laundry folding.  As crazy, exhausting, and busy as it is, I absolutely love being a mom and getting to spend my days at home with my babies.   
The sock bandit strikes again!  Claire likes to steal my socks and decided to add a fox mask one day.  It was too cute, I had to sneak a few pictures! 

When Peter is napping our days look like this.  Claire loves playing in the water and the dirt!  She hates coming back inside and would stay outside all day long if I let her.
Claire is still very much in love with all things princess.  Her great-grandma Mecham got this tiara for her and she has loved dressing up with it.  She insisted on wearing it outside one day while cruising around on her ladybug.  She even added a royal sceptor all on her own.     

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