July 28, 2016

Peter Bryson Week by Week: 2 Months

June 27

Dear Peter,

You turned 2 months old today.  Your second month of life was much easier on us.  You started sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night between feedings and are on a 2 1/2 hour feeding schedule during the day.  We are all feeling much more rested and I'm able to get a lot more done during the day other than just feeding you.

You just keeping putting on more and more chub, and I absolutely love it.  I pretty much keep you in just a diaper all of the time so I can giggle at your cute rolls all day long.  I'm not sure what your weight exact weight is, but according to our scale at home your are somewhere around 15-16 pounds.  I will update this after we take you to the doctor in a couple weeks.
We have given you a few nicknames over the past few weeks.  Mine and Claire's favorite is Peter Pan.  Your dad calls you Peter the Impossible, which comes from the story of how we decided your name which I will have to write down later.  You also get called a variation of chubby boy, chubster, and chubbers. 

You are still a really an easy going baby.  You mostly just eat and sleep still with a few minutes of awake time in between.  Your sister Claire is still pretty smitten with you, although you doesn't like to hold you for very long since you are getting "So hebby!" as she says.  She likes to hold your hands and wave them up and down and pretend you are dancing.  I'm sure you love when she does this :).
You finally started smiling really smiles today.  You've been so close for awhile but we had a hard time getting you to keep eye contact.  You are finally getting better at it and will smile at me whenever I hold you on my lap and talk to you.  You are just such a sweet boy and your little smiles melt into a puddle.  I'm so glad I get to be your mom!

Love you too much,


P.S. We took you to the doctor at 2 1/2 months and you weighed 17 pounds 3 ounces, and were 25 1/2 inches.  You are in the 99th percentile in weight and height.  Just to give you a comparison at 2 1/2 months old you are one pound shy of what your sister Claire weighed at one year old!  You are going to give your mom some killer biceps.

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