July 14, 2016

4th of July 2016

Bryce had to work in the morning on the 4th of July this year so I took the kids to the parade in Morgan with my parents.  
Claire was not in the mood for pictures in the morning haha :).  
Waiting for the parade to start with her Papa.
My Grandpa Mecham carrying one of the flags (very back on the right).
First attempt at getting a picture of Claire and Peter together.  
And second attempt.  You can't really see Peter's face but at least Claire is smiling!
After the parade we went to the 4th of July celebration at the park in Henefer and afterwards went to my Grandpa & Grandma Richins' house for a family party.  I thought Claire would love the bounce house, but she was not a fan.  She only lasted about 5 seconds in this one and refused to go back in.  Maybe next year haha ;).
Claire was so excited to get to play with her cousin Lydia.
Cute little besties.  
Claire & her Nana.
After a long day of celebrating we went back to my parents house and I unsuccessfully tried to get Claire to take a nap so she could stay up for fireworks.  We met up at the Leishmans later that night after Bryce had gotten off work and did a few fireworks in the driveway with the kids.  Claire thought it was so fun, she didn't even mind her sparkler was a dud.  
Claire throwing poppers with dad.

We called it an early night and headed home around 9:30.  We were all way too tired to stay for the firework show in Morgan but we ended up getting to see quite a few fireworks in Ogden on our drive home. Claire loved watching for them and seeing them out her window.  It was a fun day but we were all so tired, I think we all fell asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows!

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