June 20, 2016

Hospital Stay with Peter

After having a horrible hospital stay with Claire where I couldn't even get out of the hospital bed the whole time I was there, the hospital stay this time with Peter was a dream!  I was up out of my bed and walking around probably 15 minutes after I had Peter.  It was SO nice having such a better recovery right off the bat.  

My mom brought Claire to see her new baby brother just shortly after he was born.  Claire got there when they were getting ready to give Peter his first bath so my incredibly amazing nurse let Claire help.  It was so cute and so fun for Claire!
When the nurse was leaving after she was finished getting Peter bathed Claire waved, told her bye, and said "Thanks for the baby!"  We all got a good laugh at that, if only it were that easy to get a baby here ;)

After Peter's bath we had Claire give him his first teddy bear and then she got a big sister gift from him.  I put her a gift bag together with things that would help entertain her while I nursed (coloring book, stickers, crayons, play-doh, bubbles, a new big sister book, and a few treats).
My mom brought Claire back the second day after I'd gotten a good night's rest so we could take a few more pictures where I didn't look like I had just given birth haha.  Claire was in love with Peter and just wanted to keep holding and kissing him.  

And our final picture from the hospital, Peter in his car seat ready to finally go home!

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