May 16, 2016

Bryce's Graduation

On April 29h Bryce graduated with his Bachelor's degree from Weber State University.  He graduated with a dual major in Athletic Training/Athletic Therapy & a minor in Chemistry.  Here are a few pictures from his ceremony:

It was a really nice ceremony, and even better it was short & sweet!  Both Bryce's parents and my parents came to his ceremony with Claire and me.  Claire was so cute and kept yelling 'Yay!  Go Dad!' throughout the day. 
Claire giving Dad a big hug once we met up with him outside.
Bryce with some of his professors and other students in his major.
After the ceremony and pictures we all went to lunch at Chopstix for Chinese food, which is Bryce's favorite.  It was such a great day celebrating his huge accomplishment with our parents.  It was a long road, but we are so happy he is finished!  Now the plan is for him to work for the next year & apply to PA school this summer and if he gets in we'll find out this winter where we'll be heading!

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