April 29, 2016

Life with the Leishmans Lately

Here's a little catch up post of what we've been up to the past few weeks.  Utah's spring weather, as always, has been all across the spectrum.  There has been a lot of cold rainy weather.  On those days we stay snuggled up inside watching movies, playing with toys and reading lots of books. I've been flying through my to-read list these past few months to get as much read as I can before baby number two gets here.  I'm well aware that once we are in the newborn stage again (especially with a busy toddler to take care of as well) my free time will basically go out the window :).
On the few rare warm days we've had we stay outside as long as possible coloring with chalk, playing in the yard, and going for long walks.  We live really close to a mortuary/cemetery now that is a perfect place for walking & running without having to deal with any traffic.  I love it and cannot wait to be able to start running again after baby gets here.
One of my number one pregnancy cravings has been Pace Peach Popsicles.  They are THE best.  I can't get enough of them!

Claire always wants a turn with the camera when I get it out and she took this shot of herself with the remote timer.  She's pointing to the light that flashes before the picture is taken shouting "Mom, Look!"  She is the cutest :).
I have felt like I have had zero energy since I hit my third trimester but I have finally started getting the nesting urge the past couple of weeks.  We got a new bookcase for Claire & baby's shared nursery and have added a few more "boyish" books to our library.  As I mentioned, Claire and the baby will be sharing a room so I've had to be creative in figuring out how to combine all their things in one room.  I've been working on our little guy's quilt and as soon as I get that finished I will take some pictures of their finished room and do a post on it.  

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