April 16, 2016

Easter 2015

I love putting together Claire's Easter basket every year.  I get so excited picking out fun little surprises for her.  This year we gave her a new dress & sandals, a book, a wooden toy camera, bubbles, and treats.  
She was pretty excited when she found her basket in the living room after she woke up.  
She pretends she has a camera and takes pictures of everything all the time so I knew she would love this!  
We put only put a few of her treats in her basket and hid the rest in our backyard for her to find later in the morning.
After we ate breakfast and it warmed up a bit we took Claire outside to find her eggs.  I took her to an Easter Egg hunt the day before and she was only able to snatch up three eggs so she was way excited to have an Easter Egg hunt all to herself without any competition (unless you count Rory).  
Rory was so funny and had to check out every egg before Claire gathered it up.  
Claire showing off her basket of eggs!
Claire and I took a few pictures of each other on the front porch steps after the Easter Egg hunt.  The lens on her camera has a little mirror so she insists on using the camera backwards.  Apparently she's a big fan of selfies. After church we went to my parent's house for dinner and another Easter egg hunt for the grandkids.  Claire loved getting even more treats to bring home!  We had such a great day celebrating with our families and reflecting on the Savior and the atonement.  (And I couldn't help but think all day that it was the last big holiday before our little boy will join us!)

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