March 7, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

For Valentine's Day this year we surprised Claire with a Sofia the First nightgown a few days before and then on Valentine's Day we gave her two new books and a little mailbox filled with treats.
Bryce gave me all my favorite things: Diet Coke, chocolate, socks, and the book Me Before You I requested.  He also came home from work Saturday night with the book Finding Audrey, I had just finished reading.  I borrowed it from the library but told him how much I loved it so he surprised me with my own copy.  He knows the way to my bookworm heart :)  I didn't get a picture of his gift but I gave him 2 pairs of Batman socks, chocolates, and the book The Martian.
Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year so we spent the first part of the day at church, came home and took naps/read our new books, and then for dinner we made heart pizzas together.  I made whole wheat pizza dough for the crust and bought a bunch of different toppings so we could each make our own.
Claire had so much fun helping make the pizzas!  She added toppings to her own and to mine and Bryce's because she wanted to keep helping :).
The pizzas were as yummy as they were fun to make.  After we ate pizzas we spent the rest of the night playing with Claire and spending time as a family.  We put Claire to bed and then dipped strawberries in chocolate and watched a movie together.  It wasn't a spectacularly romantic Valentine's day but it was so much more fun celebrating the day as a family.  With how busy Bryce's schedule is, we'll take any spare time with him we can get! 

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