March 18, 2016

Treehouse Museum

Bryce's parents gave us a pass to the Treehouse Museum for Christmas this year and we have been having so much fun using it.  I try to take Claire once a week or so and there is still so much to do everytime we go!  I took my camera on one of our visits a in February and took a few pictures.  
Claire loves giving the babies check-ups at the doctor station (we have to do this one every time we go).  
Buying groceries at the market.
Drawing on the chalkboard in the schoolroom is another of Claire's favorite activities.  She would easily spend the whole time in here if I let her least she's easily entertained!
And of course she makes sure to walk on every bridge and crawl through every tunnel she finds :).  She is such a fun kid.  I love all our little outings together!  

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