February 12, 2016

American Girl Pop-up Shop

I found out there was going to be an American Girl pop-up shop in Utah for the holiday season a few months ago.  I told Bryce we HAD to take Claire with her Bitty Baby for her birthday.  Bryce didn't have school on the morning before her birthday since it was Martin Luther King day so it worked out perfectly to taker her down to Salt Lake that day. Claire's great-grandma Mecham gave her some money for her birthday so we let Claire get a new outfit and blanket for her baby with her birthday money.
Claire had lots of fun looking at all the dolls and seeing all the other girls shopping for their dolls....and I probably had more fun than she did :).  After we finished our shopping we ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen before we had to head home.   It was a fun little outing with our birthday girl.  
By the time it was Claire's actual birthday we'd already had her party and taken her shopping so most of the celebrating had already been done.  I still wanted to do something special for her on her birthday so we made birthday pancakes with sprinkles.  We sang Happy Birthday and let her blow out the candles.  She did much better with the candles this time around since she knew what to expect!  I think she had a very fun birthday week and we had so much fun celebrating with her!

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