January 13, 2016

DIY Play Kitchen

As everyone probably already knows from my Christmas post, we made Claire a play kitchen for Christmas.  I decided to post about how we made it and where we got all of the accessories.  We made the playkitchen from a nightstand I found at the salvation army for $5 almost 4 years ago.  When we still lived in our basement apartment and had rearranged our furniture when we turned the second bedroom into Claire's nursery we didn't really have any room for it anymore so I asked my sister if she wanted it.  She kept it for a few years and then after her daughter Lydia started climbing on it all the time they stopped using since it was more of a safety hazard haha.  Laci gave it back to us since they weren't using it so we could turn it into a play kitchen.     
I forgot to take any before pictures of the nightstand, but I found this picture on my sister's blog.  You can kind of at least see a side view of what it looked like before.  It didn't have the shelving on top, the door for the oven, or the little side table.  
Bryce first built the shelves to add to the top of the nightstand so it would like more like a kitchen hutch instead of a nightstand.  After Bryce added the shelves I painted it white and then I mod-podged floral paper to the back of the bottom cubby.  I also used the same paper on her little table so it would all go together like a matching set.  The floral paper I used is wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co.  After I painted it and added the floral paper Bryce attached the oven door & side table.  Then I painted a coat of clear polyurethane over the whole thing to keep it from get marked up or scratched easily.     
I decided I wanted to do a play kitchen for Claire last spring so I spent the whole year collecting accessories to go with it.  This was probably my favorite part!  I had so much fun finding everything all year.  She already had the tea set, we got it on amazon for her last year.  All of her pots & pans, plates, cups, & the red kettle I found out Savers and the D.I.  The yellow mini colander is from Target and I found the little wooden toaster on eBay. The trivet we got for a pretend stove burner I found on Amazon for $5.      
The mixer is made by Le Toy Van and I found it on Amazon.  It looks like its currently out of stock, but when it was in stock I watched for the lowest price and was able to get it for $35.  Its regularly priced around $40 I think.    
The mint utensil holder & wire storage basket I found in the dollar aisle of Target last spring.  All of the mini kitchen utensils (except for her red heart measuring spoons which were just old ones of mine) I found at factorydirectcraft.com   
We also added some knobs on the side of the kitchen to hang things from.  I found her a little broom at World Market and her dish towel is another Target find.  The knobs are from Hobby Lobby a few years ago.  
I used an old cooling rack that I had for an oven rack, my mom gave Claire the cookie set for Christmas, and the gold cake pan & muffin tins are from the D.I.
I got this set of wooden fruits and vegetables made by Plan Toys on Amazon, it looks like they are out of stock on this too but when it is in stock its around $17.  Claire loves these.  They velcro together and come with a little wooden knife you can cut them apart with.  I found the mini heart cutting board on Amazon but when I bought it it was only $4 so the price will probably drop back down.    
Here's a close up of Claire's little table with the matching floral paper.  The table is an old table I already had.  The little cake stand is from Hobby Lobby and the mini desserts are from Amazon it looks like the price has gone up on these too, I only paid $12 so if you watched them you could get a better deal on the price.
I think that about covers it!  We turned a little corner in our living room into Claire's Cafe and brought her table & chairs out from her room.  I am so happy with how it turned out.  Claire has already spent hours playing with it, and I'm sure its something she will continue to play with as she grows!

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