January 20, 2016

Claire's 2nd Birthday Party

As of yesterday Claire is officially 2 years old!  I don't know how that happened so fast and I'm a little bit in denial about it ;).  We threw Claire's birthday party last Saturday.  Her birthday is on the 19th but we celebrated it on a day when Bryce didn't have school or work and our families could come.  Claire isn't a big fan of cake so we decided to throw her a donut party.  Here is a picture of everything all set up before our guests arrived.
A shot with the birthday girl.  She was dying to open her presents but we were somehow able to distract her until everyone arrived.
I made two different kinds of cake donuts; vanilla with pink frosting and chocolate with chocolate glaze.  I also made donut kabobs with donut holes & fruit and we had chocolate and strawberry milk for drinks.

The first thing we did was open presents.  Claire was so excited to open them!  Since Christmas was just a few weeks ago she needed no reminding of what to do with them this year.  
Claire got a new outfit and a horse & carriage to go with her princess castle from my mom & dad.
She got play-doh, the melissa & doug play-doh accessory set, and cookie cutters from Bryce's parents.
We gave Claire a new dress, a book (Olivia & the Fairy Princesses), and a Bitty Baby!  My mom also gave me her old doll cradle so we fixed that up and gave it to her with her baby.  I had a Bitty Baby when I was little that I loved.  I knew I wanted to get Claire one for her first baby doll.  The only doll she had before this was the homemade fabric one I made for her birthday last year.  Instead paying full price for a brand new one I started watching on eBay to see if I could get a good deal.  American Girl has a doll hospital that you can send any of their dolls into to get fixed up.  I figured if I could find a used one in decent condition I could send it into the doll hospital and have the head replaced so it would look brand new, but it would be less than half the normal cost.  I found the doll & starter set in like new condition and only ended paying $45 for the entire set!  I was so excited to have gotten such a good deal!  The doll was in almost perfect condition too so all I had to do was use a magic eraser to get a few scratches off of the head.    

After Claire opened her gifts she and her cousin Lydia were too excited to eat yet so the adults visited and we let the girls play for a few minutes before moving on to the desserts.
Last, we sang Happy Birthday to Claire and started eating the yummy treats.  Claire was very unsure of the candles and did not want to blow them out so Bryce and I had to help her.  I recorded a video of her while we sang happy birthday that I will have to upload to this post.  

I didn't get a picture of her with all her gifts at her party but I took a few on Monday before we took her to the American girl pop-up-shop in Salt Lake (I'm going to do a separate post for that since this post already has tons of photos).  So here she is wearing her new birthday dress with all her gifts!  
She loves her Bitty Baby!  She takes it with her when she goes to bed and naps and always comes out of her room with it tucked under arm when she wakes up.  Its pretty adorable watching her play with & take care of it.  She is getting lots of good practice in for when she becomes a big sister in a few more months!  She had such a great birthday and it was so much fun celebrating it with her!  She is the sweetest 2 year old and is so much fun to play with at this age.  I love seeing her use her imagination and see her cute little personality developing more and more as she grows.  She is the best gift I've ever been given.  I feel so lucky that I get to be her mom.  Happy Birthday Claire, I love you too much!

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