December 23, 2015

Snowed In

Snowy days when we have nowhere to go our my favorite kind of winter days.  I love staying in our jammies all day and having nothing on the agenda but read books and cuddle up to watch the snow fall out the window.  Last week on one of those days I got out my camera and took a few pictures while Claire and I played in her room.
A year later, and these princesses are still one of Claire's favorite things to play with!
Claire got her first black eye in nursery two Sundays ago.  It was so sad!  Bryce thought it was funny and was quite proud haha.  Apparently her and another kid ran into each other and the other kid's head bonked her right in the eye.  I forgot to take a picture after it happened so this about a week later.  It still hasn't quite healed all the way so she will still have a little black eye on Christmas this year :).  
Claire has started saying little prayers when she has a tea party and I am so happy I finally snuck a picture of it.  The first time I found her doing it I about died.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  I turn into a puddle.  In this picture she's folding her bunny's arms and praying with her bunny before they eat :).    I love moments like this, they make me think maybe I'm not doing too bad of a job being her mom.

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