December 26, 2015

Mecham Christmas Party

We always have the Christmas party for my side of the family on Christmas Eve.  Claire was so excited to get to go play with her cousin Lydia!  They were so happy to see each other and were in such good moods we were actually able to take a few cute pictures of all the cousins together.

Claire, Lydia, and Casen.  
(We are pretty excited we are having a boy so Casen will have a little buddy to play with.) 
Giving baby Casen loves.  Claire loves babies, it is going to be so fun to see her become a big sister.
Brycer & Rory's fluffy hair.
We ate dinner first, then did an activity opening up pieces of the nativity & reading an accompanying story with each piece while we put it together, and then last of all we opened gifts! Claire was so excited to open gifts this year.  It was so fun to watch her excitement!
My mom got Claire a sweater & socks, a book Singing Away the Dark, a wooden cookie set to go with the play kitchen we were getting Claire for Christmas, and a pink & purple dump truck.  Claire kept trying to figure out a way to climb in her dump truck and ride in it.  It was so funny! We finally convinced her she was a little too big haha.  My parents gave us a pressure cooker this year for canning foods but they gave it to us early in the fall because they wanted us to actually be able to use it this year.  It was an awesome gift.  I was able to can salsa & green beans by myself for the first time.     
Together all of the siblings went in on a little kid table for my parents for Christmas.  The girls loved it and had to take their cookies in the kitchen to play with them at the new kid table.  Claire started getting really grumpy and tired not too long after all of the gifts were opened so we left around 8 so we could come home and put her to bed and get ready for Santa to come.  Despite having to leave a little early, we had a perfect night celebrating Christmas with my family!

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