December 21, 2015

Christmas Magic

The Christmas Season has been so much with Claire this year.  She's getting old enough to understand more of the magic and excitement.  Christmas is always a special time of year but it becomes magical once again when you are a parent.  I love it so much.  I love how Claire is in awe at everything, Christmas lights, the Christmas tree, our Nativity set, etc.  As excited as I am for Christmas morning to finally get here, I don't really want it to end yet!  Claire loves when we plug in our tree every evening.  Last week I got my camera out so I could take a few pictures of her admiring the tree.  We turned off all the lights in the house and then plugged in the tree.  She LOVED it.  She had to show the tree to her Reindeer she has become quite attached to.  It was technically supposed to be for her stocking, but she was with me when I bought it and I let her hold it in the cart to keep her occupied while I did my shopping.  I figured I'd be able to sneak it away and hide it once we got home and she'd forget about it.  WRONG.  She hasn't let that Reindeer out of her sight.  She carries it around everywhere and has to take all her naps and go to sleep with it.  So....she ended up getting one of her stocking stuffers early :).
Only 4 more sleeps until Christmas.  We can hardly wait!

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