December 26, 2015

Another Snow Day Post

The day before Christmas Eve we had another huge snow storm. As soon as I showed Claire all the snow out the window she begged to go outside and play in it!  
Claire was eating the snow and Rory ran and dove in the snow right by her spraying her everywhere.  Luckily, Claire just thought it was funny and laughed.

I ordered Claire's bonnet on Black Friday and it finally came in the mail this week.  I love that it ties under her chin so it won't fall off.  It has a sherpa lining to keep her ears extra warm and it doesn't hurt that it looks adorable on her!

Eating more snow.  Probably her favorite part of playing in it :).
I have loved all of these snow storms we've been getting lately!  I don't think any one in our house will be sick of them for a while. 

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