December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

On Christmas morning I woke up around 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep so I decided to get up and get ready for the day.  I made overnight cinnamon rolls the night before so I got those out of the fridge to start rising.  Around 7:30 as I was finishing getting ready in the bathroom I heard Claire climb out of her bed and come out of her room to find me.  I excitedly picked her up and gave her a big hug.  We went and woke Bryce up so we could all go open presents together.  As soon as Bryce was awake we headed into the living room to show Claire her new presents. 

She was still groggy and tired so she didn't say much but she smiled, ran up to her new kitchen, and started playing with it immediately.  

Earlier in the year I decided I wanted to build a play kitchen for Claire for Christmas so with Bryce's help we turned an old nightstand into a kitchen and I collected little things for it throughout the year.  I had SO much fun picking everything out and putting it all together and I absolutely love how it turned out.  I will do a separate post with all the details and where we found everything.  
Claire was having so much fun playing with her kitchen she didn't even want to stop to open up her other presents.  We let her play with it for a good 10-15 minutes and then we finally were able to convince her to open her presents to see what else she got.  
Just like in years past we followed our want, wear, need, read guideline for gifts.  Claire's want was her play kitchen.  For her read I stuck with a kitchen theme and got her this Julia Child picture book by Kyo Maclear and the pictures are by one of favorite illustrators Julie Morstad.  It's a really fun book and Claire seemed pretty excited about it!  
Claire's wear was this cute green dress.  I paired it with some black tights & black floral hair bows she got in her stocking and she looked adorable in it!  Claire's need was her new coat and snow pants that I forgot to take a picture of.  We gave it to her early though so she's been using them to play outside in the snow all month long.
Claire's last gift was this cute alphabet puzzle she got from Rory.  It was a big hit, she's been playing with it a ton! 
Claire's stocking stuffers this year included magnetic letters for the fridge, a few treats, a new set of hair bows, a little notepad, and stackable finger crayons.  We also got Claire an Elsa ornament but she had already hung it on the tree and I forgot to get a picture of it!  
We opened Rory's stocking for her next so we could give her something to do so she would stop trying to eat all the wrapping paper.  
We got Rory a new collar, a few dog treats, and a pie shaped squeaky chew toy.

Bryce had me go next since I went last the year before.  My want was a Solly Baby wrap for our little baby boy on the way.  I never used a wrap with Claire, but I think I will be much more in need of having hands-free options with a baby this time around since I will be taking care of both him and his big sister Claire.
My wear was this I'm So Pregnant T-shirt.  I saw these after I had Claire and always wanted to get it for my next pregnancy.  I think its funny, and a perfect representation of how you feel the entire last half of your pregnancy.
My need was a Shark steam mop!  I love love love this thing.  I actually got it early in October when we moved upstairs.  Our new apartment has all wood floors and tile in the bathroom & kitchen.  Bryce said I could get it early as one of my Christmas presents.  It makes mopping so much easier and was the perfect gift for my Type A personality :).  

My read was the book Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson.  The last few years I've always picked out a classic for my clothbound collection but I decided to branch out this year.  I've heard this is a really cute book so hopefully I won't be disappointed!
My stocking stuffers included my favorite peppermint lotion, my new ornament (the glittery wood heart), lip gloss, and a few treats.
Bryce opened up his gifts next.  I had him save his 'want' for last because it was a surprise so he started with his wear.  I got his T-shirt from the same place I got mine (Hello Apparel). I thought it was way funny and is probably an accurate way of how he feels with his upcoming graduation in the Spring & another baby on the way haha ;).

Bryce's need was reversible hunting camo bibs & a coat.  One side is white snow camo and the other is the green camo in the picture (I know I'm not using the proper names haha).  
Bryce's read was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  He has seen the movie and has been wanting to read the book for awhile.  I've been wanting to read it too so I thought it was a great choice for his book!
Bryce's camo snow clothes took up most of his budget but he had about $10 left over.  I told him to have his snow clothes be his 'need' so I could pick out a small surprise for his 'want'.  I found this Toilet Golf on amazon and thought it was hilarious.  He got a good laugh out of it but was actually really excited to use it haha.  He set it up in the living room later that morning and played it with Claire.
Bryce's stocking stuffers included an extendable metal back scratcher, his new ornament he's holding up, chapstick, jerky, and a few treats.
We thought Claire would want to help us open our gifts but she had no interest in helping us at all.  She was too busy playing with her kitchen.  She basically did not stop playing with it all day long.  I guess that means it was a good Christmas for her.  It was so much fun watching her play with it all day though!
Self-timer shots of our family on Christmas.  It took a few tries but we finally got a good one!  We didn't send out Christmas cards this year so this is the best you get from us.  We usually go to Bryce's parents house in the evening on Christmas but they went to visit his brothers & their families in Ohio for Christmas this year.  We had our Christmas party with them the Sunday before Christmas.  They gave us a pass to the Treehouse Museum and money to use to go on a few date nights together.  They gave Claire a shopping cart & some toy food to go with her play kitchen.  Since we didn't have anywhere to go we got to spend the whole day just playing with Claire, watching Christmas movies, and eating lots of yummy food.  I actually kind of loved it!  I wouldn't mind getting to stay home the whole day on Christmas every year.  We had homemade cinnamon rolls & fruit for breakfast and then basically just snacked the rest of the day until dinner.  For dinner we had honey-glazed spiral ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, and salad.  After dinner we watched the church's nativity video and a few other mormon messages.  We cleaned up the house a bit and then watched the Grinch together before we put Claire to bed.  After Claire went to sleep Bryce and I read the Christmas story from the bible and talked about what gifts we could give to Christ for the upcoming year.  We had some great ideas that I think will really help both of us.  I can't wait to do this with our kids too once they are older.  Christmas was so so great I didn't want it to end!  I guess now I just get to look forward to next Christmas when we will have two babies to get to share the magic of the season with!

Christmas Eve

After we got home from the Christmas party at my parents we opened up our new Christmas jammies.  I love this tradition.  I think its so fun to go to bed in comfy new jammies all ready for Christmas to finally get here!

After getting some good practice opening gifts at my mom and dad's Claire was a pro by the time she unwrapped her new pajamas.  She was super excited they had reindeer on them!

We started a new tradition this year of opening a new Christmas book to read together before we go to bed on Christmas Eve.  This year we got the book Christmas Oranges.  Claire was super tired and ready for bed after this so she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.  As soon as she was asleep we got to play Santa!
We filled all our stockings and set up Claire's play kitchen with the rest of her gifts by the tree.  This was the picture after we had everything set up.  We were so excited we could hardly wait to see Claire's reaction in the morning, but somehow we were finally able to fall asleep!

December 26, 2015

Mecham Christmas Party

We always have the Christmas party for my side of the family on Christmas Eve.  Claire was so excited to get to go play with her cousin Lydia!  They were so happy to see each other and were in such good moods we were actually able to take a few cute pictures of all the cousins together.

Claire, Lydia, and Casen.  
(We are pretty excited we are having a boy so Casen will have a little buddy to play with.) 
Giving baby Casen loves.  Claire loves babies, it is going to be so fun to see her become a big sister.
Brycer & Rory's fluffy hair.
We ate dinner first, then did an activity opening up pieces of the nativity & reading an accompanying story with each piece while we put it together, and then last of all we opened gifts! Claire was so excited to open gifts this year.  It was so fun to watch her excitement!
My mom got Claire a sweater & socks, a book Singing Away the Dark, a wooden cookie set to go with the play kitchen we were getting Claire for Christmas, and a pink & purple dump truck.  Claire kept trying to figure out a way to climb in her dump truck and ride in it.  It was so funny! We finally convinced her she was a little too big haha.  My parents gave us a pressure cooker this year for canning foods but they gave it to us early in the fall because they wanted us to actually be able to use it this year.  It was an awesome gift.  I was able to can salsa & green beans by myself for the first time.     
Together all of the siblings went in on a little kid table for my parents for Christmas.  The girls loved it and had to take their cookies in the kitchen to play with them at the new kid table.  Claire started getting really grumpy and tired not too long after all of the gifts were opened so we left around 8 so we could come home and put her to bed and get ready for Santa to come.  Despite having to leave a little early, we had a perfect night celebrating Christmas with my family!