November 25, 2015

Yard Clean Up

Bryce had the day off of work and only one class in the morning yesterday so we finally got around to cleaning up all the leaves in our yard. We bundled Claire up and let her tromp around through them with Rory one last time before we raked them all up.  
Helping Dad clean up the leaves in the driveway.
I was playing fetch with Rory and she got tired and lied down to rest for a minute.  Claire saw her and decided she needed a rest too.
My happy giggly girl.
After we had been outside for a while I started loading up the car because I needed to run some errands.  Rory, not wanting to get left behind jumped into the car as soon as I opened up my door.  She is such a funny dog.  She didn't get to come with me but she did get to stay and play with Bryce outside while he finished up. Now that our yard is all cleaned we are so ready for the snow storm that is supposed to hit tonight.  I have been wanting it to snow so badly since the beginning of November.  There was one teaser of a storm and than a few other times where other places got snow but we keep getting missed!  Hopefully tonight a big snow storm will finally hit us!

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