October 10, 2015

Oktoberfirst 2015!

Last year I created the holiday Oktoberfirst to celebrate the first day of my absolute favorite month.  I made sure we celebrated it again this year!  We ate pancakes with homemade apple butter and maple syrup for breakfast and then Claire and I went to the grocery store to buy some pumpkins.       
I took a few pictures of Claire with her little pumpkins she was so proud of and then we went to my sister's house to spend the day with her, Lydia, and my mom while Bryce was at school.   
My brother-in-law & sister-in-law who lived in the apartment above us were packing & moving that evening and I also had a photoshoot so the rest of the night was kind of hectic.  After my photoshoot and helping Bryce's brother move we gave Claire a little surprise to get her in the Halloween spirit.  We gave her two Halloween books, 10 Trick-or-Treaters & The Itsy Bitsy pumpkin, a Halloween coloring book & crayons, and a Jack-O-Lantern sippy cup.  My gave Claire her Halloween jammies & a book, Scary Halloween.  
After we gave Claire her surprise, we read her new Halloween books, and sent her off to dreamland to dream about pumpkins, candy corn, and trick-or-treating.  It was a fun way to kick off the start of October.  The rest of October so far has been crazy busy but we are finally all moved in to our new apartment, which I'll elaborate on in another post, and things are settling down so we can actually start to enjoy it now! 

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