October 28, 2015

Halloween Countdown Day 1

I decided to stick to our new tradition that I started last year of doing a Halloween countdown the week leading up to Halloween.  For day 1 of our countdown on Monday I finished sewing Claire's Halloween costume (pictured above) in the morning just in time for our activity for the day.  Claire's costume is Goldilocks and Bryce, Rory, and I are dressing up as the 3 bears.  Later in the afternoon Claire and I went to the Enchanted Treehouse event at the Treehouse Museum with my friend and her two girls.  It was a little Halloween event where all of the kids dressed up and got to play at all of the different exhibits freely.  It was our first time going to the Treehouse Museum and we loved it!  
Claire found this giant bear and wouldn't stop hugging it!  It was pretty cute and quite fitting with her costume ;).
Making pretend cookies with her friend Brielle.
Claire made sure to crawl through every tunnel she could find several times each.
Trying to get a picture with all three toddlers looking at the camera at the same time is near impossible haha!
Playing in the pretend classroom.
Creating food chains in the dinosaur room.
Playing some life size chess.
Claire loves puppies and would not stop hugging and playing with the dalmatian. 
Feeding a baby in the nursery.
Our little budding scientist examining slides.
Exploring the USA.
And one more attempt at a shot of all three girls....haha.

On our way out they handed out a little treat bag with fruit snacks, a granola bar, a halloween cup & mini coloring book to each of the kids.  Claire was getting tired and hungry at this point so she was ecstatic about the treats haha.  We had so much fun!  We will for sure be going back again.  There is so much to do there, its a place you could spend all day in!

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