October 21, 2015

Goodbye Post to our Very First Apartment

We've been living in our new upstairs apartment for about two weeks now and I'm finally getting around to doing a little goodbye post to our first apartment.  Bryce and I moved into our first apartment, a little basement, in March of 2012 right after we were married.  We've lived in it for the past 3 1/2 years and have made so many special memories there.  Here are a few pictures of the apartment I took a few weeks before we moved out:
First up is the kitchen.  This is where you walked into when going into the apartment.  The kitchen was tiny but it worked well for our little family while we were there.  
Next is the dining area attached to the kitchen and living room.  It was a perfect spot for our beautiful dining table Bryce built.

Then the living room is attached to the dining area.  We also had our desk/office area in the corner of the living room.    
After the living room is a little hallway that leads to the two bedrooms and bathroom.  I didn't post a picture of the hallway as there wasn't much too see haha.
Our tiny little bathroom.  I don't think I'll miss this haha!
Claire's nursery is the bedroom next to the bathroom.  I get a little sentimental thinking about her first nursery that we brought her home from the hospital to.  This room is filled with so many fond memories of rocking and snuggling Claire, hearing her little squeals and giggles, and playing with her for hours on end.
Lastly after Claire's room is our bedroom.  We don't have too much in our bedroom other than the basics, bed, nightstands, dresser, and my cedar chest.  I like a more minimalist feel for our bedroom to keep it a calm soothing room.   
I will miss our little basement apartment just a little, but I love our new upstairs apartment and I am so excited for all of the memories we will make here too!

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