October 17, 2015

Claire's Big Girl Room

Claire has been sleeping in her big girl room for a little over a week now and I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures.  Claire's was the first room I moved everything into after we painted the upstairs apartment.  It worked really well to have all her toys, books, and things upstairs to keep her busy while I was moving and getting the rest of the house ready. We started talking about moving Claire from a crib to a big girl bed a few weeks before we moved.  She was trying to climb out all the time and she kept getting her legs stuck between the bars on her crib.  We decided to go ahead and switch her once we moved.  We set up her bed Tuesday Oct 6th, so she could start napping in it, and we didn't get all the way moved in until Thursday Oct 8th.  This worked great because Claire was able to get used to napping in her new room and bed, but still sleep in her crib for a few more nights.  The first time I had Claire nap in her bed she got out twice, which is to be expected.  I put her back in each time and said you need to stay in your bed and go night night.  After the second time putting her back she stayed in and went right to sleep.  She napped in it a couple more times and Thursday was her first night sleeping in it.  We did our normal bed time routine of bath, books, scriptures, prayers, and her bedtime song.  Then we tucked her in with her blankie, told her night night, and she went to sleep without getting out once.  She slept through the whole night without getting out and woke up at her usual time.  She loved that she could climb out of her bed herself in the morning and didn't have to wait for me to come get her.  She has slept in it ever since like a pro!  Sometimes she will get out once or twice after I first lay her down, but not very often.  After I put her back she always goes to sleep and sleeps through the night.  It ended up being a much easier switch than I anticipated.  I think Claire loves having a little more independence and freedom in her room now.  She loves her bed and has to show everyone when they come over.  Here are a few pictures of her big girl room:  

I found Claire's bed at Walmart (of all places!) and her bedding is from Target.  I love the Jenny Lind beds, and would have loved to get her a Jenny Lind twin similar to her crib but they are just way way out of our budget.  I looked around and almost went with one from Ikea until I found this one.  It was the style I wanted, the price range was in our budget, and the height is adjustable so right now we only have it 6 inches above the ground and later when we she is older we can raise it to 12.  It only uses a mattress and not a box spring so a traditional guard rail doesn't work with her bed but I found these foam bumpers on amazon.  They work so great!  They stay in place under the mattress pad and sheet and keep her from rolling out.  I found the rug on Rugsusa.com in their closeout section and got such a good deal on it!  When we moved upstairs we had to swap dressers with Claire because I was using built-in drawers in our room and Bryce used his own dresser.  We put the big white one in our room and I painted Bryce's old dresser a pretty coral pink color and added some new knobs.  I will post some before and after pictures of it next.  I repurposed our old end tables into a nightstand & a play table to go with a set of chairs for Claire.  We are making a play kitchen for her for Christmas so I thought a little table and chairs would go great with that.  I mod podged some rifle paper wrapping paper on her play table and I'm using the paper in her play kitchen as well so they will match.  I picked up the little chairs at Ikea.  She loves to sit in her little kid chairs and have tea parties.  Everything else in her room is stuff she already had.  I love how her big girl room turned out!  I especially love that for the most part it will be able to grow with her too.

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