September 9, 2015

Last bonfire of Summer

Sunday night we snuck away to the mountains for one last bonfire for the end of Summer.  We had originally planned on camping over night but I woke up with a sore throat and cold Sunday morning and did not feel like tossing & turning, blowing my nose in a tent all night.  We decided to still go up for dinner and then just come home late that night.  We went up to my family's property up Deep Creek in Morgan with my sister and her family. 

Claire was way excited she got to spend the evening with her cousin Lydia.  They are the cutest little friends and play so well together.  Laci and I both love watching them together.
I accidentally dropped something in the hole on top of this giant wire spool and it took a good ten minutes to figure out how to get it out.  So of course I had to take a picture of the boys hard at work ;).
Roasting hot dogs
Family shot!
Happy little campers!

We ate roasted hot dogs, s'mores, seven layer dip, and pumpkin snickerdoodles.  It was actually pretty cold when the sun started going down and I loved it.  The air had the crispness of fall I've been waiting for all year.  Now that we celebrated the end of summer and Labor Day is over, I'm really, really ready for Fall.  My favorite season can't come soon enough!

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