September 9, 2015

City Creek

Last Friday night we decided to take Claire to City Creek for a little family outing.  We haven't been there since before she could walk so we thought it would be fun to let her run around and see the fountains and everything. She loved it!  She was clapping, squealing, and running around everywhere.  It was fun to see how excited she was!
This is one of Claire's latest new things.  She covers her mouth, gasps, and then whispers "Wow!"  She's learned her melodramatics from watching all the Tinkerbell movies one too many times ;).  
After playing outside for a good while we meandered our way down to the Disney store.  I've been trying to decide between a few different ideas for Halloween costumes and I wanted to show Claire a Tinkerbell one, since she loves Tinkerbell so much, to see if she would get it or not.  As soon as we walked in she kept excitedly pointing to all of the princesses shouting "Sincess!"  
Playing in the dress up station
Checking out all the stuffed animals
We took her to the Tinkerbell section and showed her a Tinkerbell doll.  She was pretty excited about it at first but then she just wanted to get down and keep exploring.  We showed her a costume too, but she didn't really react like she understood what it was so I think we'll wait and save a Tinkerbell costume for next year when she gets it a little more.  I have a few other ideas I've been contemplating for Halloween anyway so that just helped me make up my mind.
After playing at the Disney store for a while we went to the food court and Bryce picked Chinese food for dinner.  We finished dinner and then let Claire play around by the fountains one last time before heading home.  It was such a fun evening.  I love spending nights like this with my little family.

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