August 24, 2015

According to Claire

I haven't had time to do much blogging lately so I'm trying to get all caught up this week.  I've been super busy working on lots of projects.  The biggest project was repainting our kitchen all white, which I'm going to post about hopefully tomorrow.  Anyway, now that I'm mostly finished with everything I need to get caught up on Claire before I forget some of the darling things she's started doing lately.  She is starting to talk all the time now and is learning new words every single day.  Since she is talking more I thought it would be fun to start a series called "According to Claire" where I can document the cute and silly things she says.
I found these cute little fox knee socks on eBay a couple of weeks ago.  I put them on her and she trotted around all day saying "Ocks! Ocks!".  
Lately, she loves to knock on doors whenever she sees one that is closed and call out "Hewwooo??!"
She is obsessed with books.  Whenever she sees one she points and says "Book! Book!"  She loves being read to in the rocking chair, and loves getting books throughout the day and "reading" them out loud to herself in her gibberish language.  Sometimes she'll take books to Rory and read them to her too.  It's just about the cutest/funniest thing I've ever seen.  Hopefully this means she's well on her way to becoming a little bookworm like her mama ;).
I just realized on Sunday that her hair was all long enough to pull up into a little topknot so I did it like that for church.  Bryce and I told her she looked so pretty & cute, and then the rest of the day she kept touching her hair and saying "Preeetty, Coot!"
Claire loves bubbles.  As soon as she spots a container she points and excitedly says "Bubble! Bubble!"  She likes to run through them and try to catch them for the first few minutes and then she always insists on holding the wand and blowing the bubbles herself.  

She learned to say please a couple months ago so now whenever she she wants something she reaches for it and looks up at you with her big brown eyes pleading "Pwease?"  Every time she does this I just about melt into a puddle!  She also loves saying thank you and almost everytime someone gives her something she'll smile and say "Dat Doo" (thank you) without being prompted.  Who knew she'd already be a pro at politeness at 19 months old haha!  

Claire absolutely loves Tinkerbell.  We've seen all of the Tinkerbell movies on netflix about a dozen times each.  She tries to say Tinkerbell, and I'm not sure why she says it this way but it comes out sounding like "Bakoo".  It's so funny.  Bryce and I always laugh when she says it.  Every time we watch a Disney movies and it shows Tinkerbell in the opening credit when she lights up the i in Disney Claire claps and points at at the TV exclaiming "Bakoo!"  She also ran up to someone at church who had a tinker bell bag and kept pointing at it saying "Bakoo!"  

Claire has started copying me when I say sorry if I've bumped into her or Rory, dropped something, or knocked something over.  Now she says "Sawee" whenever she drops something or bumps into something.  It's so funny to see all of the little things she picks up on just from watching Bryce and I (and it's made me much more conscious of the language I use!).  That's probably a good summary for now but I'm hoping to start writing down little things throughout the week in a notebook so that I'll have lots to choose from for the next According to Claire post.

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