August 2, 2015

Pioneer Day 2015

Our Pioneer day celebrating was pretty uneventful this year.  Bryce started a new job that week (at Biolife Plasma Center) and had to work most of the day.  Claire and I spent the day hanging out at home.  We swam in her kiddie pool, took Rory on a walk, and played with toys all day until Bryce got home.  After Bryce got home we ate a quick dinner and headed up to Snowbasin to go hiking and scout out some spots for a few photoshoots I had coming up.  
We found some gorgeous spots that I ended up using to take my brother and his finance's wedding formals.  I can't wait to post some of then after they get married on the 15th!
We had a fun little evening hiking and exploring together.  It was nice to spend some time as just our little family without the crowds at all the celebrations.  Although it did give me the itch to go on another camping trip.  We haven't been able to squeeze one in yet with Bryce's new job and new schedule but hopefully we can plan one more before he starts up school again at the end of this month! 

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