July 5, 2015

Splashpad Round 2

Remember how the first time I took Claire to the splash pad this summer she hated it?  I met up with a friend and her girls at the Riverdale splash pad last week.  I was curious to see what Claire would think of it this time.  She was in a much better mood and it wasn't during her nap time so my fingers were crossed it would go well.  She loved it!! (Just like I knew she would).  I told Bryce about how much fun she had and we decided to take her again the next day since Bryce got off work early.  She seriously loved it!  She just squealed and giggled the whole time we were there.
I was so glad she liked it.  We took turns running through the water with her and I think we had as much fun as she did!  I think we will be returning to the splash pad at least once a week the rest of the summer!

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