July 19, 2015

Claire Olivia 18 Month Pictures

I took Claire's 18 month pictures yesterday, over the span of two photoshoots.  The first photoshoot we did yesterday morning and to put it plainly it went horribly.  It was supposed to possibly rain so I wanted to get them done first thing just in case it ended up being bad weather the rest of the weekend.  Claire woke up around 7:30 and I fed her breakfast and got her all ready so we could go.  Bryce came with me to try and help me get some smiles out of her.  We got to Beus Pond around 8 and I thought the photoshoot would be a piece of cake.  I was soooo wrong.  She usually loves going to Beus Pond but I guess she was just super tired still.  She just wanted to be held the entire time and did not want to be set down.  The only pictures that turned out cute were the ones where she was turned away from the camera.  Everytime we tried setting her down she just started crying.  I was getting so frustrated that my own child was being the worst one I had ever tried to photograph haha!  She's usually so easy to get pictures of because she's so used to it, but she was NOT feeling it yesterday.
This is basically how all of the pictures yesterday morning turned out.
This one was the only semi-decent one of her looking at the camera but she still doesn't look very happy!
I took a few close up detail shots and we ended the photoshoot, took Claire home, and put her down for a nap.  I was pretty bummed that I didn't get any cute pictures but we had to go to my parent's that evening so I decided I would just try again in the evening when she was happier. I got to my parent's and asked my mom if she'd come out and see if she could help me get some cute shots of Claire.  Nana saved the day!  The rest of the pictures below I got with the help of my mom, and they all turned out so cute! 
I narrowed this post down to my favorites but you can see a few more I didn't include on my photography blog here.  I am so glad I ended up getting some darling shots of Claire.  
Lesson learned: 
1.  I am not a morning person (I was already fully aware of this) & Claire, like me, is definitely not a morning person either; never do photoshoots of Claire in the morning.  
2.  ALWAYS bring my mom to Claire's photoshoots to get the best smiles.  

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