July 21, 2015

Claire at 18 Months

Claire turned 18 months old this past Sunday, as you may already know if you saw the last post with the pictures from her 18 month photoshoot.  I wanted to write a little post to remember a few things about this age.

Her favorite toys are her doll pram, legos, her stuffed bunny, her princess castle, and her wooden stacking ring toy.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, turkey sausage, peanut butter & honey sandwiches, and of course cookies.

Her favorite activities are reading books, playing chase with Rory, any thing that involves water (swimming, splash pad, sprinklers), and playing in the sandbox.

Words Claire knows: Dada, Mommy, Rory, dog, 'wassat', no-no, uh-oh, thank you, bye bye, sit & good girl (when she's talking to Rory), please, hi, cookie, cracker, all done, outside, blankie, and book.  She tries to mimic lots of other words if you ask her to say something but these are all of the words she'll say on her own without being asked. 

Claire's favorite books are The Red Sled, If I Could Keep you Little, and Ten Little Kisses. Her favorite shows are Sofia the first and all the Tinkerbell movies.  She is an awesome sleeper.  She goes to bed around 8 pm and sleeps until about 8 am & takes one 2-3 hour nap a day.  She is still very attached to her baby quilt and does not go to sleep very well if she doesn't have it.  She loves music and always dances & sings when she hears any.  She is very friendly and not shy at all.  She loves playing with kids her age and always tries to talk to them in her gibberish language.
I know my eyes are closed in this picture, but she was so cute and happy when we picked her up from nursery I had to post it anyway!
Sunday was Claire's first time going to nursery so we snapped a few pictures after church to document the occasion.  She doesn't look very happy in the bottom picture because I tried putting her down to get a picture of just her but she was grumpy, ready for a nap, and just wanted me to hold her.  When I first took Claire to nursery I went in with her thinking I would stay for the first half to help her get used to it and make sure she did okay.  Once I took her in there she didn't even pay any attention to me.  She was so excited to be with all the little kids she just went right to playing.  She obviously didn't need me there so I decided to go to Sunday School and then come back and check on her in between classes.  When I checked on her she was still doing great and happily playing with all the toys and other little kids!  I was so glad she liked nursery so well, but if I'm being completely honest I was a tiny bit sad she didn't miss me haha!  It was really nice being able to actually listen and participate in the lessons without trying to occupy a wiggly toddler though!  I still can't believe my tiny baby is an 18 month old (and really isn't a tiny baby anymore but a full blown toddler).  She is the best little sidekick.  I love being her mom!

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