July 17, 2015


We went on a little adventure yesterday to the Shoreland Preserve at Antelope Island.  I've been meaning to take Claire for a while so we decided on Thursday when Bryce got off work we would go.  
Claire wanted to walk Rory by herself the whole way so Bryce held Rory's collar and let Claire carry her leash.
Don't let her face fool you, she actually really loved it.  She had just bonked her head a little before I took this picture (#toddlerlife).
It was a fun little outing, other than it was really hot!  Now that we know how easy it is to get to we'll definitely go back for more adventuring.  It's a great way for Claire to get run and get some energy out.  Next time though, we'll just make sure not to go in the middle of the day when its sweltering outside!

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