July 21, 2015

Claire at 18 Months

Claire turned 18 months old this past Sunday, as you may already know if you saw the last post with the pictures from her 18 month photoshoot.  I wanted to write a little post to remember a few things about this age.

Her favorite toys are her doll pram, legos, her stuffed bunny, her princess castle, and her wooden stacking ring toy.

Her favorite foods are strawberries, turkey sausage, peanut butter & honey sandwiches, and of course cookies.

Her favorite activities are reading books, playing chase with Rory, any thing that involves water (swimming, splash pad, sprinklers), and playing in the sandbox.

Words Claire knows: Dada, Mommy, Rory, dog, 'wassat', no-no, uh-oh, thank you, bye bye, sit & good girl (when she's talking to Rory), please, hi, cookie, cracker, all done, outside, blankie, and book.  She tries to mimic lots of other words if you ask her to say something but these are all of the words she'll say on her own without being asked. 

Claire's favorite books are The Red Sled, If I Could Keep you Little, and Ten Little Kisses. Her favorite shows are Sofia the first and all the Tinkerbell movies.  She is an awesome sleeper.  She goes to bed around 8 pm and sleeps until about 8 am & takes one 2-3 hour nap a day.  She is still very attached to her baby quilt and does not go to sleep very well if she doesn't have it.  She loves music and always dances & sings when she hears any.  She is very friendly and not shy at all.  She loves playing with kids her age and always tries to talk to them in her gibberish language.
I know my eyes are closed in this picture, but she was so cute and happy when we picked her up from nursery I had to post it anyway!
Sunday was Claire's first time going to nursery so we snapped a few pictures after church to document the occasion.  She doesn't look very happy in the bottom picture because I tried putting her down to get a picture of just her but she was grumpy, ready for a nap, and just wanted me to hold her.  When I first took Claire to nursery I went in with her thinking I would stay for the first half to help her get used to it and make sure she did okay.  Once I took her in there she didn't even pay any attention to me.  She was so excited to be with all the little kids she just went right to playing.  She obviously didn't need me there so I decided to go to Sunday School and then come back and check on her in between classes.  When I checked on her she was still doing great and happily playing with all the toys and other little kids!  I was so glad she liked nursery so well, but if I'm being completely honest I was a tiny bit sad she didn't miss me haha!  It was really nice being able to actually listen and participate in the lessons without trying to occupy a wiggly toddler though!  I still can't believe my tiny baby is an 18 month old (and really isn't a tiny baby anymore but a full blown toddler).  She is the best little sidekick.  I love being her mom!

July 19, 2015

Claire Olivia 18 Month Pictures

I took Claire's 18 month pictures yesterday, over the span of two photoshoots.  The first photoshoot we did yesterday morning and to put it plainly it went horribly.  It was supposed to possibly rain so I wanted to get them done first thing just in case it ended up being bad weather the rest of the weekend.  Claire woke up around 7:30 and I fed her breakfast and got her all ready so we could go.  Bryce came with me to try and help me get some smiles out of her.  We got to Beus Pond around 8 and I thought the photoshoot would be a piece of cake.  I was soooo wrong.  She usually loves going to Beus Pond but I guess she was just super tired still.  She just wanted to be held the entire time and did not want to be set down.  The only pictures that turned out cute were the ones where she was turned away from the camera.  Everytime we tried setting her down she just started crying.  I was getting so frustrated that my own child was being the worst one I had ever tried to photograph haha!  She's usually so easy to get pictures of because she's so used to it, but she was NOT feeling it yesterday.
This is basically how all of the pictures yesterday morning turned out.
This one was the only semi-decent one of her looking at the camera but she still doesn't look very happy!
I took a few close up detail shots and we ended the photoshoot, took Claire home, and put her down for a nap.  I was pretty bummed that I didn't get any cute pictures but we had to go to my parent's that evening so I decided I would just try again in the evening when she was happier. I got to my parent's and asked my mom if she'd come out and see if she could help me get some cute shots of Claire.  Nana saved the day!  The rest of the pictures below I got with the help of my mom, and they all turned out so cute! 
I narrowed this post down to my favorites but you can see a few more I didn't include on my photography blog here.  I am so glad I ended up getting some darling shots of Claire.  
Lesson learned: 
1.  I am not a morning person (I was already fully aware of this) & Claire, like me, is definitely not a morning person either; never do photoshoots of Claire in the morning.  
2.  ALWAYS bring my mom to Claire's photoshoots to get the best smiles.  


Claire's portrait this week is my favorite picture from her 18 month photoshoot.  Goodness I love this little girl!

"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015."

July 17, 2015


We went on a little adventure yesterday to the Shoreland Preserve at Antelope Island.  I've been meaning to take Claire for a while so we decided on Thursday when Bryce got off work we would go.  
Claire wanted to walk Rory by herself the whole way so Bryce held Rory's collar and let Claire carry her leash.
Don't let her face fool you, she actually really loved it.  She had just bonked her head a little before I took this picture (#toddlerlife).
It was a fun little outing, other than it was really hot!  Now that we know how easy it is to get to we'll definitely go back for more adventuring.  It's a great way for Claire to get run and get some energy out.  Next time though, we'll just make sure not to go in the middle of the day when its sweltering outside!

July 14, 2015

Rory & Claire

Claire was playing with her legos the other day and decided she needed a break to cuddle with Rory.  Luckily my camera was already out so I snapped a few pictures.  These two are the best little buddies.  We love that they have each other! 

Portrait 27.52

Reading books in her doll pram to pass the time.

"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015."

July 8, 2015

4th of July 2015

We started the 4th of July off with our annual ward breakfast.  Bryce had to go early to help set up, but Claire and I got to stay home and sleep in until 8.  After a yummy breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fruit we headed to Morgan to watch the parade with my parents.
Claire hanging out with her Nana & Papa.
Our crew waiting for the parade to start.
By the end of the parade Claire was sticky and had a belly full of sugar... but I let it slide because that's part of the fun of being a kid on holidays.
After the parade Claire was worn out, we had just got back from camping the night before so she was still trying to catch up on sleep.  We went to my parents so she could take a nap.  After she took a good two hour nap we had a barbecue with my family and ate hotdogs, pasta salad, chips, and fruit.  I packed our swimsuits in case we decided to go to the splash pad or something but instead we decided just to turn the sprinkler on at my moms and dads.  I haven't been able to do a sprinkler at our house yet because Claire just tries to drink it and we have secondary water so I don't want her getting sick.  My parents are on a well so I didn't have to worry about her drinking the water for once. 
Claire loved it and had so much fun, no surprises there! It was fun for us too, and a perfect way to cool off in the 100 degree weather.  After we got dried off and changed we visited for a while and then went to Bryce's parents.  Bryce was in desperate need of a haircut so his mom was nice enough to squeeze time in to cut it for him while we were visiting.  Once it was dark we went to a neighborhood firework party with Bryce's parents.  All of the families invited brought fireworks so there was a huge at home firework show in the driveway.  Claire was not a huge fan of the fireworks.  She didn't cry but she would got scared and would kind of freak out and cling to me whenever they went off.  I covered her ears so it wasn't so loud for her and she ended up falling asleep snuggled under her blanket on my lap.  I was amazed that she was sleep through all of the racket, I was covering her ears, but still it was loud!  Then the Morgan city fireworks started, which we could see from the lawn we were at, and Claire slept through the whole show for the second year in a row :).  I don't know if she would have really enjoyed anyway or just would have been scared from the loud noises like she was with others.  We're going to take her to the fireworks at Weber State in a few weeks for the 24th of July, so hopefully she'll actually stay awake for those ones!