June 19, 2015

Visit to Grandma & Grandpa Richins'

On Wednesday my mom, Laci, me, and our girls went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Richins' in Henefer.  Lydia & Claire had so much fun playing outside in their yard.  Claire got lots of practice doing her somersaults on the grass.
Claire was very entertained by these two balls.  She kept trying to carry both of them at the same time and then kept carrying them up to stack them by the tree.  It was super funny watching her.
Lydia & Claire are best buddies.  They are so cute together.  They play really cute and love to give each other hugs, which almost always end up with them both on the ground giggling.  It was a fun little girls day and we loved getting to visit with my grandma and grandpa who we don't get to see near often enough! 

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